Mona Singh breaks silence on criticism for playing Laal Singh Chaddhas mother – ‘I have not become Aamir’s mother’

Mona Singh

In the film Laal Singh Chaddha, the mother role of Aamir Khan is playing the role of Mona Singh. Due to this, many questions were raised because Mona Singh’s age in real life is less than Aamir’s. There is a difference of 17 years in the age of both.

Now Mona Singh has broken the silence on the age-related controversies and has given an answer to the people. The actress said, “I didn’t want to talk about the age difference debate earlier because I wanted people to watch the film. I am playing Laal Singh Chaddha’s mother and not Aamir Khan’s mother in the film. This is not a biopic of Aamir Khan, where he is 57 and I am 40.”

Mona Singh breaks silence on criticism for playing the role of Laal Singh Chaddha’s mother

She further said, “I was already worried and I still feel that people will not question the age gap after watching the film. I am delighted with the appreciation I am getting for my performance.

Mona Singh

Earlier, Aamir Khan had also expressed his opinion on the controversy and said that it is an actor’s job to look and act like his character’s age irrespective of actual age. He also praised Mona Singh’s performance in the film.

The film Laal Singh Chaddha, directed by Advait Chandan, has been released nationwide on August 11. The film is getting a mixed response. But due to controversies, the film is facing a lot of losses at the box office.

The film earned around 20 crores in two days. At the same time, talking about the controversies, a Delhi-based lawyer has filed a complaint with Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora against Aamir Khan, Paramount Pictures, and others regarding the film. The lawyer alleges that Aamir has insulted the Indian Army and hurt the sentiments of Hindu society with his film Laal Singh Chaddha.

Like every Aamir Khan film, Laal Singh Chaddha was expected to have a strong opening. But the film opened only 12 crores, defeating everyone’s expectations. However, it was believed that now when Aamir Khan arrives at the box office, this year’s Bollywood drought will end and like every other film, Aamir Khan will create new history at the box office.

If we look at the figures of Aamir Khan’s highest-grossing films, then all these films had a slow opening at the box office. Slowly these films started earning after positive word of mouth. Aamir Khan’s top films included Dangal, Ghajini, and 3 Idiots all opened between 10 – 15 crores at the box office.

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