Vikrant Rona Review: Kiccha Sudeep and Jacqueline Fernandez’s film is full of suspense, read full review

Vikrant Rona Review

Vikrant Rona Review Kannada star Kiccha Sudeep’s film Vikrant Rona has been released in theaters. Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez also appeared in a song in this film. Read the full review for whether this film is full of suspense and action in theatre, whether it is entertaining or not.

Initially made in Kannada, the film has been dubbed and released in Hindi. Written and directed by Anoop Bhandari, this dark fantasy adventure film will be called Adventure Endeavor. He has tried to combine many genres in it.

Vikrant Rona review film is full of suspense, read the full review

The story is set in the fictional village Kamarottu. This is an era where Hema Malini is already a star, but there is a lack of power. The story begins with a woman and her daughter going to Kamarottu along with her daughter in a car to attend the wedding. On their way, suddenly something collides with the car. Until something is understood, the daughter is killed and hanged on a tree as the story progresses.

Many children have been kidnapped and killed in the village. Even the inspector is brutally murdered. In such a situation, there is a posting of new Inspector Vikrant Rona (Kiccha Sudeep). He comes there with his daughter meanwhile, Sanju (Nirup Bhandari), the missing son of village headman Janardan (Madhusudan Rao), suddenly returns. Vikrant’s erstwhile inspector has left behind many unexplained clues. How will Vikrant find the killers? What are the reasons behind the murder; this is the secret of this story, which will not be appropriate to tell here.

Anup Bhandari’s fictional story begins with the children telling the story. Then it gives the feel of a supernatural horror thriller. After that, it becomes a mystery. The story is quite scattered before the intermission. It moves at a slow pace. The relationships between the local characters are depicted in a jumbled manner. The story picks up pace after the intermission. From there you can understand in which direction the story is going.

Vikrant Rona Review

Anoop is successful in maintaining the suspense associated with the characters till the end. To reach this mystery, there is also an angle love story in the middle. If there is a love story, it is natural to have songs although it seems to be forcibly stuck. No song is remembered except ‘Ra Ra Rakkamma’. VFX has been used extensively in the film. It is an exciting experience to see the action in this 3D film. However, when the action is full in the climax, there is no 3D experience there. Being a fantasy film, do not try to find logic here.

The burden of this mystery thriller film is on the shoulders of Kiccha Sudeep. Sudeep was earlier seen in the role of a villain in Dabangg 3. His character in the role of Vikrant is fearless and courageous. He is like a one-man army capable of bringing many people to mind at once he is seen in his character.

The film stars Jacqueline Fernandez in a guest appearance. She got a chance to show his style in the song ‘Ra Ra Rakkamma‘. Panna turned Neeta Ashok is bold and innocent as per her character. The work of Nirup Bhandari and Child Artist Samhita is remarkable. The duration of the film is 147 minutes. It could have been reduced by removing some unnecessary scenes and songs. However, this suspenseful fantasy had much room to improve if the characters were properly structured.

Movie: Vikrant Rona Review

Director: Anoop Bhandari

Duration: 2 hours 27 minutes

Star cast: Kiccha Sudeep – Vikrant Rona, Neetha Ashok – Panna, Jacqueline Fernandez – Racquel D’Coasta, Nirup Bhandari, Vasuki Vaibhav, Ravishankar Gowda, Abhinay Raj Singh, Siddu Moolimani

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