6 WWE Wrestlers CM Punk Is Friends with & 8 He Hates (Enemies) in Real life!

6 WWE Wrestlers CM Punk Is Friends with

CM Punk is a controversial figure in professional wrestling so it shouldn’t surprise you he has a share of friends and more than a few enemies. Looks at wrestlers CM Punk likes and those he can’t stand or can’t stand him. Let’s start with 6 WWE Wrestlers CM Punk Is friend with.

Here are 6 WWE Wrestlers CM Punk Is Friends with

Number 1 – John Cena


John Cena

I don’t even have a C apart from guys John Cena’s feud with CM Punk was one of the rare instances where fans were uncertain. Whether they were watching a shoot or a storyline not only did Punks 2011 pipe-bomb promo keeps fans guessing what was going on. But his announcement that he was leaving the WWE with the championship after his contract expired. Fans scrambled to see what would happen next. Cena and Punk worked a highly-regarded feud and along the way became friends backstage.

Number 2 – Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar and CM Punk are both iconoclasts doing their own thing on their own terms such as both men’s decision to pursue MMA after their time in the WWE. When Punk decided to see if he had what it takes to compete in the Octagon he asked Lesnar who achieved success as UFC heavyweight champion. His biggest challenge was adapting to the UFC. While the Beast could have ignored Punk he graciously shared his experience.

Punk recalled fast what the most challenging thing for Fame to do was because obviously, he’s a freak athlete, but something had to be difficult and I find it’s the exact same that I’m having difficulty with which is learning to let go striking or sparring is completely different somebody’s trying to punch me in the face and I’m trying to punch someone in the face but often I’ll find I’m too light on guys if I’m working on his ground game it’s like the old pro wrestling kicking in and he had the same problem although. Punk’s UFC career didn’t pan out he did get a friendship with Brock Lesnar out of it

Number 3 – Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston

While Kofi Kingston’s partnership with Big E and Xavier woods as the new day is what most fans think of when Kofi’s name is mentioned? The former WWE Champion had a solid upper car career prior to teaming with the new day including a 47-day reign with the world tag team championship alongside CM Punk.

During an interview with AC wrestling, wrestling’s dreadlock dynamo explained I was tag team champion with CM Punk which was awesome because I learned so much from him. He was one of the guys who took me under his wing when he didn’t have to. I was always grateful for that friendship. Kofi’s journey to the top was a long and winding road but it’s obvious his team and subsequent friendship at Punk was a rewarding part of his journey.

Number 4 – Bret Hart

Bret Hart

Although Bret Hart had long retired from the ring before CM Punk’s campaign in the WWE which he’ll enjoy. Friendships formed out of mutual respect after Punk stood his ground and walked out on the WWE in 2014. His perceived mistreatment in the company hard also supported Punk’s decision to pursue MMA. Tweeting after Punk’s first UFC loss CM Punk years was and always will be my hero a man of great courage and fight. He’ll be back the excellence of execution has been vocal about his respect for Punk.

Standing up for himself and for what Hart sees as Punk also stands up for his peers. During an appearance on the in this corner podcast the Hitman commented you know who’s standing up and saying hey I’m doing all the work around here you’re gonna give? Batista and Brock Lesnar and Triple H of all these guys who are part-timers who are home every day they’re getting all the main event matches at WrestleMania.

I don’t know I’m pulling the wagon around here and I want to be in the main event they tried to smooth it over and sugarcoat it and offer him everything but the main event spot so we quit as he held him up on that bunker and Hart’s respect and the two men eventually met becoming fast friends.

Number 5 – Luke Gallows

Luke Gallows

Long before he returned from New Japan Pro Wrestling to work in the WWE club Luke Gallows wrestled alongside CM Punk as a member of Punk’s traded society. Punk went to bat for gallows helping him to get over after his goofy gimmick as Fester’s and praised gallows for his work. The two have remained friends and Punk has praised gallows as work.

Number 6 – Batista


Some fans might think Dave Bautista and CM punk aren’t friends just because Batista voiced his displeasure with a straightedge superstar. Walking out on the WWE in 2014 that’s actually not the case would Punk telling live a funny thing about being and Dave Bautista – is that Dave 100% disagrees with me the way that I left but we’re both grown-ass men who can talk about it instead of just throwing stones punk and Batista have maintained their friendship showing friends.

I can have different opinions about things without parting ways but those were six WWE wrestlers that punk is friends with what about enemies funny enough there are more enemies than friends frankly I think it’s been a long time coming and you have never liked each other.

Here are 8 WWE Wrestlers CM Punk Hates with

Number 1 – Colt Cabana

Colt Cabana

CM Punk and Colt Cabana aka Scott Colton worked together as their second city Saints for a while on-screen friendship is no evidence of real-life friendship punk and Cabana were once the closest of friends after Punk walked out on the WWE in 2014. Colton shared his podcast art of wrestling as a platform for punk to talk about his experiences in the company.

Punk brought up a number of wrongs including what he characterized as medical malpractice by WWE Dr. Christopher Amann, and Amann sued both Punk and Colton for defamation of character while the case was dismissed. Colton then sued Punk claiming he’d promised to pay his legal expenses Punk then countersuit. Colton probably imagined their friendship ended both men settled out of court with b/w insider claiming the case was resolved would neither individual pay the other.

Number 2 – Triple H

The Game Triple H

This one should come as no surprise to you two Punk’s problems during and after his WWE career. You’ll recall that there were talks of Triple H’s sabotaging punks pushed by putting himself into a program against Punk and then defeating him for no apparent reason after the 2011 summer. WrestleMania has documented in past videos a former WWE writer revealed that Shawn Michaels and Triple H mocked Punk’s efforts during his early days in the WWE – attempting to bury the New Star we may have to add Shawn Michael’s name to the enemy list also.

Number 3 – Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy

In a case of a storyline coming too close to home Jeff Hardy’s feud against CM Punk or Punk’s straight-edged superstar character admonishing Hardy for the charismatic enigma is the well-known penchant for partying. After he left the WWE an apparently intoxicated Jeff cut the following promo on Punk a straightedge made again the first ever straight edge learn anyway champion. A rumor has it Jeff reassessed his opinion of Punk later there’s no word on whether Jeff’s latest battles with personal demons have changed things.

Number 4 – Ryback


Like CM Punk Ryback is a strong-minded individual who doesn’t hold back on sharing his opinions regardless of the consequences. Both Punk and Ryback have exchanged Bob throughout the years with Punk accusing Ryback of working sloppy and injuring him as well as accusing the big guy of using steroids Ryback has repeatedly mocked Punk and maintained an unapologetic attitude about it using his conversations with the big guy Ryback show as his ante Punk soapbox. Like many of the individuals on our list, it seems unlikely we’ll be seeing Punk and Ryback reconciling their differences.

Number 5 – Elijah Burke

Elijah Burke

Elijah Burke is perhaps best known in the WWE’s first run as a member of the new breed a group of superstars competing in the WWE’s reboot of ECW Gretel CM Punk during their turn together in the brand but Burke apparently didn’t impress Punk who commented about him during a 2012 appearance on Philadelphia’s Wis XFM show. Buck would later ask why Punk took to the media to make his comments rather than saying it to his face but otherwise dismissed them.

Number 6 – Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan

The Hulkster is definitely not one of CM Punk’s favorites when Punk discussed his favorite wrestler Rowdy Roddy piper and was then asked about Hulk Hogan. The hoax just seems to have an idea of what might have caused Punk to lose his mind about him during an appearance on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast Hogan recalled I walked into the dressing room for the Raw 15th anniversary there was a guy there named CM Punk. I don’t know who he is I heard I had heat because I didn’t say hi to him I only remember flying from California with RVD for the show.

My phone is going off because my home life is falling apart I’m walking through the dressing room and all I can think about is getting home to fix my home life. The Raw 15th-anniversary show occurred in 2007 which matches when Hogan’s marriage to Linda Hogan was on the rocks whether there’s more to the story is unknown at this point.

Number 7 – The Miz

The Miz

Well, it’s difficult to truly understand an individual’s personality from the always murky news in the professional world of wrestling the claim can definitely be made that CM Punk is thin-skinned when The Miz appeared on WWE backstage he made the quip that he hadn’t changed the culture alluding to Punk of course. Punk went absolutely ballistic tweeting go suck a blood money cover dick in Saudi Arabia you fuc..ng dork.

Punk later deleted the tweet while Punk was justifiably upset by The Miz’s sarcasm the heat seems to stem back to WrestleMania 27 when punk was very upset that the Miz got to main event WrestleMania and he didn’t and still hasn’t to this day the reply, however, was still a bit harsh.

Number 8 – Hornswoggle


The former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle enjoyed a long run in the WWE and made a number of friends with his fellow superstars including CM Punk. The former leprechaun shared a strange story about CM Punk during a shoot interview with k-fed commentaries according to Hornswoggle he and Punk became good friends during their time together in the company but that suddenly changed after Hornswoggle made a seemingly harmless request.

Did he ask him for a few bucks to cover the road expenses? Did he ask what his secret was to score dates? When many of the WWE’s female superstars. At that point, CM Punk allegedly ended his friendship with Hornswoggle claiming his former friend was obviously using him.

What a strange guy but there you have it guys wrestler CM Punk is friends with those he can’t stand or can’t stand him being.

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