6 WWE Wrestlers The Undertaker Is Friends With & 7 He Hates in Real Life

The Undertaker

The Undertaker is one of the most respected figures in the wrestling industry. Having been a main event player since his 1990 WWF debut along the way he’s made some friends as well as a few enemies. Looks at 6 of the Undertaker’s closest friends and 7 on his hit list let’s start off with friends.

Here Are 6 WWE Wrestlers The Undertaker Is Friends With

  1. Bret Hart 

    WWE Wrestler Bret HartThe excellence of execution and the Undertaker’s respect when Mark Calloway saw the way other WWE Superstars looked up to him as a locker room leader. A role the Undertaker would eventually hold himself. The Hitman and The Deadman traveled together during their time in the company and their friendship grew over the years so much. The Undertaker called out Vince McMahon after the 1997 Montreal Screwjob and demanded that the WWF owner speak was Bret Hart face to face.

    In a 2017 interview, Hart recalled what happened next I punched out Vince McMahon in the locker room but the only reason Vince was in the locker room was because of the Undertaker. Undertaker pounded on Vince’s door after the Screwjob. He said Richards down to that dressing room and explains you and Vince wouldn’t have listened to anybody else in his memoir.

    Bret Hart Hitman recalls how he was the first WWF wrestler to face the Undertaker and from there they shared their mutual devotion to the wrestling business. After leaving the WWF Hart felt he passed the baton on to The Undertaker. Recalling I wrote take him a letter when I left you to have to be the voice of the dressing room and the leader now that I’m gone.

    I always felt that I was the leader of the dressing room and looked after everything if guys had a problem, they could come to me and I’d go to Vince and say this guy has a problem maybe you can help him then he takes his stepped in and became that guy a lot of times. He had to straighten out guys like Shawn Michaels and stand up for other wrestlers Undertaker was always a force in the dressing room.

  2. Yokozuna

    YokozunaAlthough he’s long since gone to that great big squared circle in the sky two-time WWF champion. Yokozuna aka Rodney Anawa was one of the Undertaker’s closest friends during their time together in the promotion. In the 90s the two Giants worked as a series of matches including two high-profile encounters at the 1994 Royal Rumble and Survivor Series.

    They were friends backstage traveling together and enjoying their time playing dominoes. Both men shared a love for the business as well as a mutual distrust of the actions of the clique so much so that they formed their own backstage power faction known as the bone Street crew.

  3. Triple H 

    Triple HAlthough hunter Triple H-Helmsley got off on the wrong foot with the Undertaker. He eventually earned the respect of the WWF’s locker room leader in a number of ways. Including the way, Helmsley handled his punishment over the 1996 curtain call incident in Madison Square Garden.

    Triple H recalled how he sought the Undertaker’s advice about dating Stephanie McMahon. The Phenom warned the Cerebral Assassin of the possible consequences such as hurting his legacy with complaints of nepotism. When Triple H and Stephanie became a couple The Undertaker gave them his blessing.

  4.  Kane 

    KaneAlthough the WWE’s Brothers of Destruction are only café Brothers. They shared a mutual respect and friendship that lasted throughout their time in the WWE. Although the two often fought on-screen in some of the WWE’s most brutal battles they shared a deep friendship behind the scenes.

    While one story has it that Kane was a member of the bone Street crew we’ll have to take that one with a grain of salt. Regardless Kane and Taker are still tight as seen last year when the Undertaker showed up to one of Glenn Jacobs’s rallies during his successful mayoral campaign.

  5. JBL 

    JBLJohn Layfield endured some terrible gimmicks before finding some success with Ron Simmons as The Undertaker’s acolytes. In the dead man’s Ministry of darkness working as evil tycoon JBL Layfield works on some high-profile matches during the ruthless aggression era as well as when JBL held the world heavyweight championship behind the scenes.

    Layfield and Simmons acted as locker room M forces alongside the Undertaker Woodley field and take becoming friends. The Undertaker served as a groomsman when JBL got married. JBL still has much respect for the Undertaker.

  6. Paul Bearer

    Paul Bearer was more than just the Undertaker’s manager. He was a faithful friend who socialized with the Undertaker and was close enough with the Phenom. That he got away with nicknaming the red-headed taker Wendy after the hamburger chains.

    Bearer’s real name William Moody actually managed Calaway before either man worked in the WWF campaigning in Texas will clash championship wrestling together. When moody worked as the perfidious Percy pringle coincidentally both men thought they had bombed their WWF tryouts but that proved wrong and they were paired as the gruesome twosome known as Paul Bearer and The Undertaker.

    He became so close to Taker that he learned about the seemingly fearless wrestler’s bizarre phobia fear of cucumbers. Wrestling legend has it that the mischievous Bearer packed the Undertaker’s hat with cucumbers which led to the Undertaker puking and disgust despite their ribs on each other. Bear owned the Undertaker with that on-air pairing that translated into a friendship once the cameras stopped rolling.

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Here Are 7 Wrestlers The Undertaker Is Hated With

  1. Cowboy Bob Orton

    Cowboy Bob OrtonSecond-generation WWF superstar Cowboy Bob Orton jr. returned to the WWE to help his son Randy Orton during the legend killers campaign against the Undertaker. Cowboy Bob was highly respected for his technical skills and fondly remembered for his time as Rowdy Roddy Piper’s bodyguard during the rock and wrestling era nonetheless in killing the Undertaker’s wrath.

    After the events of the 2005 Armageddon main event which was a Hell in a Cell match between Taker and Randy Orton, the match was a bloody battle with all three men bleeding and the undertaker emerging victorious. The Undertaker, Cowboy Bob Orton suffered from hepatitis C a blood disease he could have infected the Undertaker with during the match according to a 2011 story.

    The field was set to culminate in a Hell in a Cell match. In the weeks before the match, Bob tested positive for hepatitis C a blood-borne liver illness. He explained that he tested positive as a teenager and never developed any symptoms and pretty much forgot about it that day nonetheless WWE vice-president of talent relations John Laurinaitis knew about it. The hepatitis C and that all three men would bleed during the match failing to inform the Undertaker.

    The Undertaker did not learn about Bob’s condition until the WWE doctor informed him after the match to no one’s surprise the Undertaker was extremely upset about this blatant disregard for protecting his opponent and Cowboy Bob Orton jr. was fired less than two months later incredibly. John Laurinaitis avoided any punishment and thankfully the Undertaker did not contract hepatitis C.

  2. John Laurinaitis
    John Laurinaitis

    It should go without saying but the Undertaker was not happy with Laurinaitis for withholding medical information from him prior to the match rumor has it that it almost led to the former dynamic dude losing his cushy WWE gig.

  3. King Mabel

    King MabelThe 500-pound former man on a mission who would be King of the Ring so an unlikely push in 1995. When Vince McMahon searched desperately for a monster heel to pit his baby faces against regrettably. McMahon chose Mabel a big man who looked the part of a menacing heel who liked the fundamentals of wrestling, particularly the concept of working matches without hurting your opponent.

    After winning 1995’s King of the Ring King Mabel worked a program with the Phenom injuring him during a match when he hit a leg drop on the Undertaker’s face. The Undertaker suffered a broken orbital bone resulting in a two-month absence from the ring an absence that some believe led to Mabel’s exodus from the WWF six months later.

  4. Melina
    MelinaFormer WWE superstar Melina Perez went from managing the tank team MM to becoming a multiple-time Women’s Champion and Divas Champion. Her in-ring skills were highly regarded she was considered a heat magnet backstage for a number of reasons. Melina rubbed people the wrong way as seen when Lita kicked her out of the women’s locker room forcing her to dress in the hallway over numerous real-life kinds of beef with fellow female performers. Such as Mickie James, Trish Stratus, Tiffany, and Michelle McCool, not only did Melina rub some people the wrong way but she rubbed the wrong people the right way.

    As seen with her alleged affair with the animal Batista when Melina was still dating Johnny Nitro ultimately Melina’s shenanigans led to her being brought before wrestlers court with the Undertaker presiding as judge. Little is known about why Melina was brought to the wrestler’s court but it is known that the Undertaker broader to tears and reportedly had no use for her in the company due to her behavior.

  5. CM Punk
    CM Punk
    It seems as if the Undertaker has several reasons to be unhappy with CM Punk. According to Bruce Prichard, the Undertaker did not support the decision to put the World Heavyweight Championship on the straight-edge superstar in 2009 during a European tour. Punk upset the Undertaker after taking a report early suggesting he dressed better as he was now well champion according to one story. Punk then asked about John Cena’s attire with the Undertaker and others in the WWE locker room thinking Punk saw him at the same level as Cena.

    Punk dropped the World Heavyweight Championship sometime later and there were rumors The Undertaker may have suggested the loss as punishment for Punk’s ego. Punk’s attitude seems to have upped the Undertaker particularly. When Punk faced the Deadman at WrestleMania 29 and made it known he much preferred working the main event at the showcase of The Immortals. While this is only speculation it seems likely Punk walking out on the WWE angered the Undertaker as he’s known for his loyalty to the WWE.

  6. Vince Russo
    Vince Russo
    Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Vince Russo is best known as the man whose writing helped the WWF overtake WCW. In the Attitude Era and who then helped put WCW out of business when he jumped ship to the WWE’s arch-enemy during his time in the WWF Russo was involved in some of the most exciting storylines at the time but he was unaware that his work had brought backstage heat from the Undertaker. During an episode of his nuclear heat podcast, Russo discussed his exit from the WWF the discovery that the Undertaker had heat with him because Russo put him into high-impact matches when the Taker was working he got hurt.

    I found out through Terry Taylor that I had a little bit of heat with Taker. Terry said to me he told me he always asked him to work when he was hurt used to expect him to work when he was hurt that really hurt me. I respected the Undertaker more than anyone else I would never in my wildest dreams ask somebody to work a match if they were hurt. I said with all due respect Taker never told me he was hurt. Despite the heat, Russo praised The Undertaker during the podcast saying I never saw Taker get mad, lose his temper act unprofessional or allow himself to show his emotions. I’m sure he didn’t close doors meetings with Vince McMahon and members of the roster he led by example.

  7. All of WCW

    All of WCW’s longtime fans will recall Mark Calaway’s trouble run in WCW with the promotion failing to properly utilize his talents and Booker Olli Anderson telling him he had no future in the business. That alone might explain Takers’ white-hot hatred for Ted Turner’s and Lanta-based promotion.

    But things jump to the next level when WCW aggressively aimed at putting the WWF out of business. Wrestling law has it that the Undertaker hated WCW and anyone working for the company at the time and that’s a mighty big list in retrospect and it may explain why The Undertaker turned down an offer to go there in 2000 although that story remains up for debate.

There you have it six wrestlers the Undertaker is friends with and seven members on his hit list.

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