These Bollywood stars suffered the pain of losing their children, the celebs were badly broken

Bollywood stars

When Bollywood stars come on the screen, it is difficult to imagine seeing that there can be some pain in their life too. Everyone is aware of the dazzling world of film stars, but behind this world, there is also a world, which is the personal life of the stars. About which very few people are told. Bollywood stars also have to face sorrow many times in their life but they are often seen just smiling. There are many such celebs who had to bear the pain of losing their children.

These 6 Bollywood stars suffered the pain of losing their children

1. Govinda

Bollywood stars Govinda

Actor Govinda has enthralled the audience not only with his stellar performances but also with his stellar comic timing. The actor is always seen just laughing and making people laugh even in real life. His wife is also known for her outspoken and witty style. Govinda and his wife Sunita have two children, although few people know that they had a daughter before that too and she died four months after birth, leaving Govinda badly broken.

2. Shekhar Suman

Actor Shekhar Suman is also known to make people laugh. He has played all kinds of characters in his career. Shekhar Suman, who is always seen smiling and smiling, has also gone through this phase. His eldest son Ayush had a major heart-related illness and at the age of just 11, his son had said goodbye to this world.

3. Asha Bhosle

Asha Bhosle, who ruled millions of hearts with her melodious voice, has also gone through this pain. The singer has endured the pain of losing not one but two of her children. Asha Bhosle’s eldest son’s name was Hemant, while her daughter’s name was Varsha. In October 2012, at the age of 56, Varsha committed suicide by shooting herself. At the same time, the singer’s son Hemant died in 2015 due to cancer.

4. Kabir Bedi

Film actor and one of the best Bollywood stars Kabir Bedi has also gone through this phase. The actor was badly broken when his 26-year-old son Siddharth committed suicide. It was told that his son had a problem with depression, which was also treated a lot but he could not recover from it and one day came when actor Kabir Bedi had to bear the biggest pain of his life.

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5. B Praak

Renowned singer B Praak has also suffered the pain of losing a child in his life. In the same year, his wife gave birth to a child, who said goodbye to the world immediately after coming to this world. B Praak was badly broken by this pain, giving information about this on social media, and requesting to maintain privacy.

6. Jagjit Singh

The voice of famous Ghazal singer Jagjit Singh touched the hearts of the people. He is not in this world today but he too had faced the pain of losing his son while he was alive. Jagjit Singh’s only son Vivek Singh died in a car accident in 1990. He was deeply shocked by the death of his son.

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