Director-writer did not make Amjad Khan “Gabbar” of ‘Sholay’, Ramesh Sippy was also surprised, funny story

Amjad Khan Gabbar

The style of dialogue delivery by Amjad Khan was such that even today the famous dialogue of the film ‘Sholay’ is on people’s lips. Amjad, who played the role of Gabbar Singh in this film, is still alive in people’s minds.

Amjad Khan started his career as a child artist. His father Jayant was also an actor. Amjad was first seen in the film ‘Nazneen’ as a child actor and his first film as a lead actor was ‘Hindustan Ki Kasam’. In his film career of nearly 20 years, he worked in more than 132 films but the film ‘Sholay’ in the year 1975 made him immortal. Although Amjad is no longer in the world, because of the unique style of Gabbar Singh, he is still remembered.

When Amjad Khan said on the screen, ‘Yahan se pachas pachas kos door gaon mein … jab bachcha raat ko rota hai, toh maa kehti hai bete soo ja … nahi toh Gabbar aa jayega’… Even after years, the audience has not forgotten. After playing the role of Gabbar Singh in the film ‘Sholay’, Amjad became famous by this name. But neither the director of the film, Ramesh Sippy nor the scriptwriters of the film, Salim-Javed, did the work of creating this unique character. You will be surprised to know who was behind this.

Amjad Khan
Amjad Khan

Amjad Khan himself adopted the typical desi style

When he dacoit Gabbar Singh came on screen rubbing tobacco in a typical desi style, along with fear, fun was also seen. Dacoit Gabbar Singh had a special contribution to the success of the film Sholay. But he learned the style of speaking dialogues from a washerman in his village. You may find it strange but this is the truth. There are many such people around us who look a little out of line, their style of speaking, walking, eating, and living is a bit different and knowingly or unknowingly also affects us. Something similar happened with Amjad Khan as well.

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Amjad Khan got the style of Gabbar Singh from the village

According to media reports, there was a washerman in his village, who used to talk to people in this manner. Amjad was very impressed with his unique style. He used to talk in such a funny way that people used to listen very carefully. When he got the role of dacoit Gabbar Singh in the film ‘Sholay’, he thought a lot and instead of copying any other villain, thought of trying the typical washerman style. What happened after that is history.

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