The 6ixty – Sixty Ball League: CWI and CPL Organizers Announce New T10 Tournament, Chris Gayle Signed as Brand Ambassador

The 6ixty

Sixty Ball League – The 6ixty Cricket: Cricket West Indies New League: The management of Cricket West Indies (CWI) and the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) has announced a new T10 tournament ‘The 6ixty’. The opening season will take place August 24-28 in St. Kitts just before the CPL season. The great cricketer Chris Gayle has been made the brand ambassador of the Sixty Ball League.

The opening season will feature matches between all six men’s franchises and three women’s teams.

The 6ixty Chris Gayle

The 6ixty format is primarily a T10 competition but with a ‘difference’.

  • Each batting team has six wickets instead of ten.
  • Teams will bowl five consecutive overs from each end, without changing the end after each over.
  • Batting teams can temporarily ‘unlock’ the third powerplay by hitting two sixes in the first two overs of powerplay.
  • If teams fail to complete their 10 overs within 45 minutes, one fielder will be removed for the last six balls.
  • Fans will be able to vote for ‘Mystery Free Hits’ through any app or website

Sixty Ball League: Cricket Fans Ready for New Format – With the new promotions of Sixty League Cricket, it seems that cricket fans are ready for a new and more exciting format. CWI and CPL did the right thing to make Chris Gayle a brand ambassador.

Sixty Ball League: Will Chris Gayle play in the inaugural edition of the Sixty Ball League? As well as making the veteran cricketer the face of the league, fans are also excited to see his star batsman in the upcoming Sixty Ball League. It is not yet clear whether the West Indies player will play in this format. But if he does, Gayle will take the new format by storm like the T20 format.

CPL 2022: The Caribbean Premier League season 10 begins on August 30

CWI and CPL have announced the season 10 schedule of CPL. The T20 tournament will start from August 30 to September 30.

The Hundred Returns: As CWI prepares to launch its new product, The Hundred returns for its second edition later this summer. The ECB expects to build on the inaugural tournament last year.

Compared to shorter T20 matches, the new format allows each team to bowl 100 for 10 wickets. The Hundred also uses the draft system to build teams.

Now, in comparison, CWI will launch a 60-ball league that re-emerges under the name of the T10 League.

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