10 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Triple H!

Triple H

Triple H what do you want to call him the King of Kings, the Cerebral Assassin, or the game. He is mostly done well and conquered all in the WWE from becoming a snooty upper-class Connecticut blueblood to the ruthless sledgehammer carrying. Blue denim wearing weird via kept having the son of a gun we had in the Attitude Era to the now hairless CEO that we have today. Love him or hate him right now he is an absolute integral part of the WWE. I could hold a future of it in his hands but instead of looking at the future, however. Let’s have a look at the man himself and look at the top 10 facts that you may not know about Triple H.

The Game Triple H
Triple H

10 Shocking Facts About Triple H

10. They were actually gonna call him from Reginald Dubois Helmsley, Triple H entered the Derby Davi as Connecticut blueblood hunter Hearst-Helmsley in 1996. When he made an appearance on the talk in Jericho show. He revealed that the WWE was actually originally going to name him the original Dubois Helmsley. The name given to him because it had an American identity to his character. Luckily however Triple H contested this wanted to tan his name into initials and RDH Justin roll off your tongue is quite so good as simple English.

9. His original moniker was terrorizing trips had his first wrestling professional debut with WCW with an awful name. He started his original name was to be Terrorizer and thought that the name was ridiculous enough and asked for a proper name. This actually morphed into something just as stupid with terrorizing. They then repackaged him as young Paul Levesque but he remarked that this was also a lame name as he did not want. His character is a Pansy Frenchman.

8. He had a role within the Montreal Screwjob controversy. One of the most infamous incidents ever to occur or wrestling that being the Montreal Screwjob. Both Shawn Michaels and Triple H have stated that if Bret Hart wouldn’t do business we need to do business for him. Indicating that trips almost certainly had a role in knowing what the finish could be and ultimately going against threats wishes also.

7. Macho Man Randy Savage wanted to bury Triple H. He had reportedly turned down a $250,000 two-year deal to re-sign with WCW. During the early stage of his career instead, he worked with the WWE in 1995. The deal had Randy Savage livid at Triple H for turning down such AG lucrative offer and wanted, in turn, to bury him by beating him in 30 seconds. This never happened and Macho instead face Arn Anderson in a 20-minute bout.

6. He had an affair with Stephanie and was dating Chyna. It was no secret that Triple H was dating Chyna during his time in DX. But Triple H was also a bit of a naughty boy by having a secret relationship with Stephanie McMahon. The relationship had actually formed during the ongoing storyline of Triple H tricking Stephanie into marrying him in Vegas.

Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know

5. He took part in the game showing the weakest link in 2001. Triple H alongside his wife Stephanie, Candor, Booker T, Lita, William Regal, Big Show, and Trish Stratus. Actually, a competed against one another in the first of two WWE specials on the show. Not only that but Triple H held to be the strongest ring by winning. The same couldn’t be unfortunately said by Booker T who got the easiest question.

4. He has a so-so win-lose record you would think that a 13-time world champion would have an absolutely incredible win-loss record. This unfortunately is not the case as according to the internet Wrestling database. His win percentage is just over half at fifty-one point eight nine percent.

3. He was going to be the 1996 King of the Ring winner when Triple H joined the WWE. He also joined the controversial backstage group “The Clay”. During the time of the Monday Night Wars and at the time when Kevin Nash and Scott Hall defected to WCW. The group had the idea to be together one last time during their last appearance together at a Madison Square Garden car show in 1996. They came out during their last match and had a group hug together. At the time the WWE had a strong presence of Cafe ie the good guys in the WWE don’t hang out with the bad guys.

The whole incident caught on tape and broke the boundaries of cafe punishment for the group was not so easy as Shawn was champion and was virtually untouchable at this time. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall had both gone and this meant that Triple H had to take full blame. McMahon took his frustrations out on him completely and Triple H at the time was scheduled to win the 1996 king of the ring. Which of course didn’t happen and was instead awarded to Stone Cold Steve Austin. This decision could have arguably changed the course of wrestling as we know it. Who knows where the WWE could have ended up without Stone Cold Steve Austin making his infamous 3:16 speech at the King of the Ring.

2. He is not really the chief operating officer in the WWE. There is no secret that Triple H holds a very big position in the WWE. What’s false however is his position in the franchise with many incorrectly assuming that he is actually the COO. Triple H began as an executive senior advisor and was promoted to executive vice president of talent and live events in 2011. He received another promotion in 2013 and is now the executive vice president of talent live events and creative.

Triple H Physique
Triple H Physique

1. Triple H has always had quite an impressive physique this was more noticeable after leaving DX in early 1999. When he went into primarily a fuller bodybuilding physique you would have thought that Triple H was only into bodybuilding. At this stage, this is not true Triple H actually began interesting bodybuilding at the tender age of 14. In fact, he competed in formal competitions and was actually crowned teenage Mr. New Hampshire in 1988.

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