10 Times When AEW Savagely Mocked WWE

AEW Savagely Mocked WWE

Since the inception of ALL Elite Wrestling (AEW) back in 2019 AEW management and their roster have been rather quick to mock WWE in any way they can with AEW. Being WWE’s largest active competition since WCW in the 90’s AEW tried to emulate the nature of the rivalry between WWE and WCW by taking a few shots at the promotion as some of these shots have been smarter than others. Some have been lazily executed and some have failed to portray AEW. All the individuals involved in a positive manner some thought have been justified and some have managed to obtain AEW some wider publicity as a result but which times were they. Here we point out some moments where AEW Savagely Mocked WWE.

Looks at 10 times AEW savagely mocked WWE

  1. The Brass Ring

AEW Savagely Mocked WWE Miro

Miro formerly known as Rusev has had an interesting WWE career although he was presented well for the majority of his time in the company when his popularity soared with The Rusev Day character. WWE and Vince McMahon did everything in their power to diminish his popularity this naturally upset both Miro as well as WWE fans. It was a common belief that Miro should have been given a major push as a baby-face but this never seemed to occur at one stage Vince reportedly told Miro directly the fans were mocking him by chanting his name, this clearly wasn’t the case and this was Vince trying to manipulate Miro in any way he could.

When Miro debuted on AEW Dynamite he would reference the famous brass ring this is a concept which Vince has alluded to in the past and relates to WWE talent taking every opportunity they can to become a huge superstar this is something Miro certainly did throughout his career nevertheless during his debut promo. Miro would reveal that he can shove that brass ring right up their backside this was definitely an interesting way of taking a shot at WWE and Miro was unquestionably the right individual to deliver it.

  1. Third-Party Ban

A WWE hit the headlines in 2020 when it was revealed that they were banning talent from using third-party platforms this extended to platforms such as twitch which was a platform that a number of talents used to generate extra income as well as build a genuine connection with their fans. This ban caused a lot of controversy as a number of talent came forward to say how wrong they believed the move was it wasn’t long before AEW would take a shot at WWE for their new policy during the all-out-pay-per-view in 2020 Kip Sabian would hold up a sign backstage promoting his twitch channel a message would the pop on the screen stating that this message has been approved by All Elite Wrestling.

  1. Brodie Lee

When Brodie Lee made his AEW debut he would portray a character which many believed to be a parody of WWE chairman Vince McMahon he would dress similarly to Vince and would even share a number of Vince’s infamous mannerisms AEW will air segments which involved. Brody reveals how much he hates his sneezing and yawning two things that Vince can’t be standing in real life. It was reported that WWE was furious with the segments and believed that Brody and AEW were being extremely disrespectful with the parody AEW would eventually take Brody’s character in a different direction which was a smart move, as a character certainly had a short shelf life.

  1. Mimicking How WWE Superstars Watch TV Backstage

WWE fans know that when superstars watch television backstage they watch the action from a rather unusual angle this is so that WWE can get the best camera shot possible but in reality, it looks absolutely ridiculous AEW would mock this directly in 2020 when they filmed a segment posted to Matt Hardy’s social media in the segment the Young Bucks were watching AEW backstage when Hardy would come along and inform the duo that they should watch the action in the typical WWE manner. Hardy would turn the Young Bucks around and advise him that this way of watching pro wrestling works for TV purposes.

  1. Sloppy Shop

When the global pandemic hit in 2020 it changed the way both WWE and AEW operated as wrestling companies WWE, unfortunately, went through a period where a number of their talents tested positive for covid and AEW employee Taz decided to publicly mock this during fighter fest 2020. During the special event of AEW Taz would claim that AEW doesn’t run a sloppy shop implying that WWE wasn’t doing enough in relation to their coveted protocols the fans believed that this comment was a little too far this was a real-life crisis and WWE talent were getting sick for real it. Simply wasn’t the time or place to take cheap shots at the competition number.

  1. Chris Jericho Marks WWE Creative

Chris Jericho Jake Hager

During the first-ever episode of AEW dynamite, then AEW World Champion Chris Jericho would introduce fans to the members of his inner circle stable. One of the members of this group was former WWE world champion Jack Swagger was going under the name of Jake Hager upon him introducing Hager to the AEW audience the fans in attendance began to chant we the people but this was Swagger’s catchphrase during his time in WWE and it was the catchphrase mostly associated with his WWE gimmick upon. Hearing this chat from the AEW audience Jericho informed the crowd that we the people suck and it’s dead and buried. Jericho then stated that it was a stupid idea from bad creative and all that’s gone. Here Chris Jericho of AEW Savagely Mocked WWE.

  1. AEW Mark’s WWE’s Leg Slap Rule

In march 2021 WWE implemented a new rule which banned their talent from slapping their leg whilst performing a kick in a match-up the rule was introduced because Vince McMahon reportedly saw a superstar perform the leg slap rather sloppily and Vince decided that wool talent were to stop doing it moving forward this rather bizarre rule change was later marked by AEW during an episode of dynamite the Young Bucks were being interviewed backstage when they were interrupted by Don Callis, Callis would offer the Bugs a t-shirt which stated do not slap leg when kicking and one after the Buck’s Matt Jackson quickly tossed the item of clothing aside to show his displeasure the gesture on the t-shirt.

  1. The Trash Bag Incident

Mickie James’s release in April 2021 came as a huge surprise to WWE fans James was one of the most decorated female stars in the company and she was certainly a valued member of the WWE roster. Shortly after her release, James revealed that she had her belongings delivered to her in a trash bag by WWE this led to huge outrage from fans online questioning how the WWE could treat one of their former roster members in such a horrific manner the outrage eventually led to WWE figures such as Vince McMahon and Triple H getting involved it was believed that a firing was made over the incident but it wasn’t before long that AEW marked WWE for their actions this would take place.

On an episode of being the elite, a show which regularly likes to poke fun at virtually everything. WWE does in this particular episode the Young Bucks would send AEW wrestler Brandon Cutler his gear in a bag after he was injured during an episode of dynamite the bag would have his name plastered on the front and a lot of fans believe that AEW was rightly justified in mocking WWE on this specific occasion number.

  1. Eddie Kingston Shoots On WWE

AEW wrestler Eddie Kingston has never had a run in the WWE therefore in the summer of 2021. When Kingston performed on a post-show promo slamming WWE on its roster fans were quick to call him out. Kingston would declare that WWE doesn’t care about their fans and he even claimed that the AEW roster has much more heart compared to the WWE roster. He would also declare that WWE doesn’t respect their legends which was a ridiculous statement to make as Goldberger just returned to WWE program for another major run. This promo was ripped apart by WWE fans as Kingston simply wasn’t the person who should have been delivering it if they weren’t gonna mock him belittle WWE in this manner they should have at least made someone deliver the promo who’s actually had a substantial run into WWE.

  1. Blood And Guts

AEW Savagely Mocked WWE, To quote Vince McMahon we’re not gonna do any blood and guts and things of that nature such as being done on perhaps a new potential competitor. We’re not going to go back to that gory crap that we graduated from naturally. This quote enraged AEW in fact it angered AEW higher up so much so that AEW would respond by introducing a brand new match type in the promotion of the blood and guts match. The match in essence was AEWs version of the war games match which NXT produces on a yearly basis. The gimmick has only been used once thus far and the match was well received by AEW fans however WWE management believed that the match set the wrestling business back. A number of years AEW creating a match type based on comments from the WWE chairman was certainly an interesting strategy and fans have been curious to find out what Vince McMahon thinks of AEW mocking him so directly.

But there you have it folks 10 times AEW savagely mocked WWE, should we look at times where WWE marked AEW.

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